another j12 question..

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  1. was curious how "indestructible" this watch is? if it were to fall on a cement floor would it shatter?
  2. Ceramic isn't indestructible. It will shatter if there is enough force involved (it's no different from ceramic tiles). However, I think the fall would impact the sapphire glass and bezel of the watch more than the ceramic in this situation.
  3. Not that DH or I have had our J12s dive to the floor, cement or otherwise, knock on wood, I will say DH is brutal on his things. His J12 is over a year old and still looks brand spanking new, and yes he wears it every day except when working on the cars. That says a lot to me about their durability. Did you know that even a diamond, the hardiest of stones can break? If it happens to be hit on a stress point it,can be broken.