ANOTHER j12 question (regarding diamonds)!

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  1. the bulk of diamonds sold in canada are conflict free, but i am guessing since the chanel watches all come from switzerland, there is no gurantee the diamonds on a j12 are conflict free, correct?

    i really want a black with diamond markers, but refuse to buy one with potential blood diamonds. it amazes me how some girls here feel about the fake bag industry, only to continue to purchase diamonds that cannot be traced (not judging, just making an observation).

    i've called chanel on bloor to see, and the SA didn't even know what a conflict free diamond was. :tdown:

    she is going to try and find out and get back to me next week, but i thought i'd post just in case someone knows. i love the black j12, but sometimes feel the plain one is too masculine...i don't want a bezel made (WAY too bling-y for my taste), but do we think i could have the watch opened and conflict free diamond markers put in?

    in the end, i guess i'm going with a plain white j12, as the plain in it doesn't look as masculine...but the black fits my lifestyle better. i'm not looking for this to be my one great watch of my lifetime or anything though, so i'm flexible on what i get.

    any help would be much appreciated!

  2. i'm in same boat as you...the J12s with diamonds are spectacular (personally i find the one with just the markers to be the perfect combination) but ultimately think i will just get the plain white one. I think it would be difficult to put the diamond markers in after market and still preserve the warranty (much easier to replace the original bezel with the diamond one as you can put the original one back)...the SA told me the numbers on the face of the watch are replaced with diamonds so in doing that I think it's not a simple fix and is a permanent change to the there goes the warranty. But if I'm wrong then what you suggested is a great idea!
  3. the white just looks too sporty for me....and i like the black a TON with the diamond markers, but really don't care to support that awful industry. i would just feel silly knowing what i know and still making the purchase, kwim?

    i agree it probaly will be difficult, if even possible...i'm not incredibly worried about the warranty, as the girls i know who have them haven't had an inkling of trouble with the watch. even my dad (who is super hXc about watches) says it is a well-made timepiece. i don't think he was expecting that from chanel (who are obviously better known for fashion).