Another Isabella Fiore Horror

  1. How can a designer put out such nice leather bags and then come up with such Horrors at the same time? Fiore has a definate Yin/Yang thing going. I love the Audra. I have 5 of their more sedate leather bags but some of the new stuff looks like they were designed by pre-schoolers.

    Remember in grade school we would melt beads in plastic medicine bottles in the oven to make "jewelry"? I think the IF team did alot of this and may use it in their next bag...LOL

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  2. I agree that her designers are a bit schizo. Some of her fall bags (available for pre-order) are amazing, but then some are like the one you had pictured. You can always recognize an IF bag, however, so they must be doing something right. One of my SAs told me she sold her company last year. Has anyone heard of this? Could this reduce or increase the amount of ugli-bags?
  3. That is for sure. You can spot an IF bag a mile away in most cases. When I first started looking into "her" bags I was surprised that Isabella was not her name and that it was a man/woman team. Isabella Fiore means "Beautiful Flower", so you can see why some of the bags look like they do. Lately tho they have been doing some wild experimentations that caused some mutations. I don't get the Easy Rider bags at all but I can imagine a Biker chick would love them. They are cool looking bags but seemed aimed at a smaller audience.
  4. I have an IF I bought in 2004 (winter) before these bags were so popular. It is a canvas/leather bag with a beautiful design (kind of funky flowers) drawstring, etc. It is the ONLY bag I have ever had compliments on. People literally stopped me in elevators, stores, anywhere. I should get that out again! I don't like the new ones as much. They are too big too for me I think.
  5. I feel like that's kind of IF's thing - a mix of some really nice and out there things in the collection.
  6. I get stopped with my Quilty Pleasures Hobo all the time, primarily since it was so difficult to find (until they reissued it). It's such a beautiful design, but so darn heavy! It definitely gives my shoulder a workout!
  7. My favorite Isabella Fiore bag is still their Wicked Heart line. I had a pink Wicked Heart leather hobo WITH the designer's signature inside! I wish I hadn't sold it ...:crybaby:
  8. I had quite a collection of early IF bags and sold them all a couple of years ago. They were intricately detailed with beading, embroidery, etc. and were really unique and lovely. In fact, my handbag obsession began with those IF bags...
  9. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I really like these. Call me a weirdo.:lol:
  10. I love the more understated IF bags...but that one in the first post looks like a bad trip! Sweet Dreams hobo in black is my favorite!
  11. I think they should change those goofy names too.
  12. Wow, that's really over the top. I don't own any IF bags but my favorites are the Audra and the Large Brown Quilty Pleasures bag that was out last year.
  13. Maybe I'm weird...but I think it's kind of cute..... :shrugs:
  14. I just got the IF Gold Metallic Maita Bag from Saks today. BOY!, is it ever a BIG Bag. Wasn't quite expecting this monster. My husband brought in the box and asked how many bags I ordered at one time.
    It looks like it's a foot deep!
  15. Yeah, when I got my IF cut out leather hobo (bronze) I thought, yikes, I could go away for a weekend with it! I love the style of the one you got - way to go!