Another "is this dress appropriate to wear to a Sept wedding" thread

  1. I'll be going to a wedding on September 15th and have been scrambling to find something to wear. Finally I came across this dress and have fallen in love with it, but I worry that it might be too glamorous/sexy for a wedding. What do you guys think? I'd pair it with killer heels, a beautiful leather clutch, and bolero/shrug.

  2. Might be too sexy for a wedding, but it also depends on where's the wedding at? At a country wedding, it's a no no:nogood:, but maybe at a chic city wedding? The dress could be a lot better in a different more calmer color though :yes:
  3. I agree, I think it would be wiser to go with a more conservative color for a wedding.
  4. I agree with the others...too sexy, and possibly too "loud". I would calm it down a bit for a wedding. But if you can purchase that thing anyways...its gorgeous!
  5. Agree. I think the color is a little too much for the wedding. The dress itself is pretty but I think even that dress in a different color would be better.
  6. Nordstrom has some beautiful dresses to choose from! I too am going to a September wedding and found a great dress on their website!
  7. The wedding reception is at the ballroom of a hotel, which is why I thought I could pull it off, but I think everyone is right, the color is really loud. The dress does come in black, so I may just get that, even though I really love the magenta :yes:.
  8. The dress is beautiful and I think (along with the others) if it was in a less outrageous color it would be perfect for a wedding. You could play it down with very simple accessories.

    But the pink is to die for too.
  9. I LOVE the dress, but I think the color is a bit too "wild" for a wedding.
  10. Too sexy for a wedding. It would be cute for a night out, definitely! But for a wedding, something more elegant would be better that won't be too flashy and detract attn from the bride.
  11. I agree with everyone, but still get it! You can wear it on another occasion! :yes:
  12. I think the dress should be fine for a wedding, just dress it down with simple accessories. I've worn a similar dress to a wedding, but it was completely strapless and a bright red color. You just need the right accessories for make it wedding ok. It was a little longer too though...
  13. The dress is gorgeous but I agree with may be slightly too much for a wedding. The color would be fine I think if maybe it was a little longer or the length would be fine if it was in more of a conservative or the other :smile:
    I vote get it anyways and wear it for a special night out!
  14. really cute for a night out, but I would not wear it to a wedding.
  15. Wow, I absolutely adore that dress! I think you could maybe get away with it depending on what other guests will be wearing/location erc.