Another Iron Bag

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  1. B8171A1D-1AB0-42E6-BD50-A1BE62795858.jpeg Just got myself another new iron bag in Nero. Love the bag for its functionality, hold tons. The nero is stuffed with paper so it looks very stiff, whereas the other one which I also bought new is now seasoned after carrying it a few times.

    Somehow now thinking I may be silly for getting the same bag in different colours.
  2. No, not silly at all! It’s a lovely bag and so easy.

    I have one in Brunito and one in baccara rose Nero. I enjoy the new version so much that I’m thinking of adding a few more in different colours.
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  3. I did the same thing! I liked my metallic one so much that I bought a nero one. It’s small but holds a lot, and it’s so lightweight. It looks good and is comfortable on the shoulder, in the hand, and on my arm. It goes places where my larger bags won’t go but it’s still so functional. The iron bag is one of my most used bags. I carry one or the other several times a week. So I’m a fan, too! Enjoy yours! Thanks for the photos.
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  4. Congrats!!
    if it works for you, it's totally justified to have more than one in the same style!
    if you're silly because you have 2, then i am totally hopelessly and irreversibly gone coz i have 7 Baseball hobos and 7 Balenciaga Day hobos :biggrin:
  5. I love your iron bags.
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  6. I’m a huge fan of the multiple. I have multiples in bags, shorts, jeans, dresses, sweaters. And I have been thinking about another Iron since I also really like this style.
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  7. I agree with all the others. If the style works for you, it totally warrants another. In this case, I see that you are well covered. One light colored bag and one dark colored bag to go with all your outfits. I had the small Iron very briefly but really like it very much for its functionality. Congrats on getting it!
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  8. One of my most used bags! Fits a lot for a small size! Packs easily for travel too! Enjoy!
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  9. Nothing wrong with multiples! I do the same for clothes and shoes as well!
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  10. Thank you all with the justifications for me, I no longer feel silly :P
    I will definitely enjoy the nero bag!
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