Another ink city available- no, not mine ;)

  1. Went shopping at NM in Troy, MI to see Lisa (my favorite SA). Anyway, right there staring at me on the floor (which is really rare there) was an Ink City and a Black weekender (I think- it was a huge version of the city, so I could be wrong).

    Anyway, she said there are still a few more Ink Cities available if anyone is interested. Her number is (248) 635-8442.

    Happy Mothers Day Ladies!!!:flowers:
  2. There was an Ink twiggy, box, & something else, I can't remember, at NM at Fashion Square Mall in Phoenix AZ
  3. That Ink Twiggy must have been so gorgeous! Someone snatch that up!!!
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: LOL, jag!

    There was an ink box at the NM SF store. I asked an SA if there were any other styles in ink kept in the back, but she said they hadn't received any in weeks!
  5. This is the ink city that Jag's SA, Lisa at NM got for me. Its perfect :heart: no veins! :heart: (can't find the ink club thread)

  6. Oh Cougess!! You got your City!!! It's gorgeous! I'm glad you were able to find one you love!
  7. wow ur city is gorgeous!!!
  8. Beautiful bag; makes me want an Ink Twiggy so badly.
  9. :love::love::love: Cougess, she's perfect!!!
  10. Thanks! I originally bought an ink bag from NM in january. It was very very veiny with thin, crackly leather. I returned it and thought that's it for balenciaga....but, after seeing all the non-veiny inks posted here I thought there might be hope. Thanks to a wonderful SA I got a great bag. Its totally hit or miss ... but if this bag is from a more recent batch, there may be hope for the bags in the fall. Maybe this is the "slightly thicker" leather that was mentioned in the email from balenciaga.
  11. you know what's so funny, is that i actually love the veiny, distressed look of my b-bags...i was a little disappointed that my new emerald green purse wasn't as veiny as i wanted, but i'm hoping it will get more distressed in time :rolleyes:
  12. The "vein" situation is definitely a personal preference, some like veins
    some don't. I like some of the colors with veins and others look better's what makes Balenciaga so great! No two bags are alike.
  13. Cougess! It looks fantastic! I love it!! And so glad that Lisa came through for you as well!!!