Another infant raped and murdered....

  1. Mom's Boyfriend Charged In Pittsburgh Baby's Death

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]PITTSBURGH -- Police said a man accused of assaulting a 10-month-old girl last week has been charged with homicide in the baby's death.

    Da'Niyah Marie Jackson, of Troy Hill, was assaulted last week in her Herman Street home, police said. She died Saturday at Children's Hospital.

    The Allegheny County medical examiner ruled the death of Da'Niyah a homicide. The examiner said the autopsy showed the baby died of multi-system organ failure and blunt force trauma to the abdomen.

    The mother told police she left the baby with her boyfriend, Clinton Smith, on Thursday morning when she went to her waitressing job. Smith was also caring for his 2-year-old son.

    Smith, 30, was charged with homicide, rape, aggravated assault, among other charges.

    The mother found the baby unresponsive when she returned home at about 9:30 p.m. and called paramedics. The baby had severe bruises on her face, arms and legs, as well as a bite mark on her chest, police said. Doctors told police she had also been sexually assaulted.

    "It was tragic," said Assistant Chief Maurita Bryant of the Pittsburgh Police Department. "As police officers, we all can see the ugly side of society and in this case, what happened to Dania absolutely tears our hearts."

    A preliminary hearing for Smith was scheduled for Wednesday. He was awaiting trial on an unrelated June charge of simple assault, court records show.

    In a separate September 2006 case, a woman who has two young children with Smith was granted a protection-from-abuse order against him after she said he attacked her and their daughter.
  2. NO words for this. This monster should be strung up and slowly tortured.

  3. I second that
  4. Makes me nauseous. I also can't imagine the trauma and guilt the mother will feel for the rest of her life.

    All who steal the innocence of children should be hung by their testicles.
  5. 10 months old?!?!? :wtf: :yucky: Ok, this guy needs to be sent to Singapore where they actually PUNISH people for unthinkable crimes like this. I'm sorry, but our justice system is a joke. There are too many monsters out there that just end up getting a slap on the wrist because of some "loophole" in our system. I never hear about VICTIMS rights anymore, it's all about protecting the criminal's rights. Ever since that judge and jury acquitted Alejandro Avila for molestation charges, I've had no faith in our system. :tdown: What does he do after he's acquitted? He goes out and rapes 5 year Samantha Runion , then kills her. Great judgement, Judge.
  6. Disgusting. I have very strong opinions about women who leave their children in the care of their "boyfriends". It's always the children who suffer at the hands of these animals and I'm sorry, but this childs own mother put her in this position. All so that the mother can say she's "got a man". Dumb.
  7. that is absolutely disgusting! :crybaby:
  8. absolutely disgusting!!

    and I agree, its the mother's fault who the hell leaves their baby with a complete stranger?? :cursing:
  9. Totally agree. WHY do women not see the signs of a truly distrubed pysche... men who rape 10 month old babies don't just do it out of the blue. There are other symptoms of their mental illness/evilness/whatever that must have exhibited themselves beforehand... sick.
  10. Sexually assaulted a 10 month old baby?????????????????????? :wtf:
    I was about to faint when I read that bit. That man IS a monster and deserves the death penalty! Is death penalty avail in that state? If it is, he surely deserves it. He should be punished to death or locked forever in prison. I doubt highly that such creature can be rehabilitated. Let's not waste the state's money trying to.
  11. I can't wait till he gets to prison so that they can rape and kill his ass!
  12. Here is a photo of that bastard!
  13. This is sick. I am speechless.
  14. tragedies like this are so appalling. they should just kill him and others like him.....
  15. I say kill the MF. An eye for an eye.