Another incredibly beautiful eggplant twiggy!

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  1. oh my... it's raining b-bags in here!!!
  2. I love this color! Can someone describe the color? Is it really very purple... a deep purple? dark plum?
  3. wow, this color is absolutely stunning!
  4. zac, here's the pics of my eggplant compared to magenta,
    IT STUNNING!! one of the best bag i ever had.
  5. ahhh, my restraint is waning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. OH sea- it is sooooooo stunning!!!:love: You have the all best colors!
  7. peanut, mine is a shopper. it's wonderful!!! i tell you, it;s worth a wait! but i must say if u can't wait anymore, u can get the twiggy & sell it when a shopper comes to you... i don't know, just a thought?
  8. zac, while u're writing this, i'm drooling ur turqoise '04 too.
    soooo, call it even shall we? :blush:
  9. ^^^ok- for a few minutes!!! :drinkup: :crybaby:
  10. Lol
  11. wow! 2 of these! damnnnn! do they come in 3s? ;)
  12. usually bad things come in 3s, hmmm if it's a bad thing for our POCKETS!! then, maybe it would :P
  13. So sad, the listing was removed!
  14. who got it! fess up!
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