Another IF Bag Yea or Nay Needed

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  1. I know I am obsessed with Fiore Bags. I can't help myself. I hate all of the colorful beaded monstrosities they put out and i hate all of the Summer of Love and Easy Rider stuff. I like the more neutral borings bags...LOL So here is my latest obsession. My b-day is coming up so maybe I could twist Hubbies arm. What do you all think? Too weird. It's 12.5 x 9.5 so smaller than I usually use but just big enough for the basics.

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  2. nay
  3. Sorry.... Lexie, nay. How about these?
    All available in other colors at Saks.
  4. Awww shucks, you guys are trying to talk me out of it....LOL
    I already have the Flashback Audra.
    The Quilty Bag is too big for me.
    The Sydney Bag is cute...
    Not really into any of the "Weavin" stuff except for the Cory (Your 1st Pic). I considered it but like the Crinkle in Time I showed better.
    Tell me what you don't like about my Love? Too Vintage looking? Too Dowdy? Just plain Fugly? LOL
  5. :amuse:...sorry Lexie. It's definitely not fugly but, to me it looks so stiff and it reminds me of what you would find at a western shop or what a cowgirl might wear :Push:. If you love it though, don't listen to should buy what you really love and nevermind what we think, because we don't know your style and this bag might be perfect for you and lifestyle!
  6. I'm not a huge fan of this style Lexie. Stick w/ your sweet dreams Audra and whipflashback, sweetie.
  7. Lexie - another nay. However, if you really love it (you don't, do you?) ...
  8. Oh I think it's fine! LOL!

    I don't know if I'd carry it, but it's very Mulberry-ish, which I love.
    It is a little western, but that's hot in a lot of areas right now, including Jessica Simpson's closet.
    Maybe it's because I'm in Dallas, but I think it's cute!
  9. I like it. It looks kinda vintage. It also looks very durable. If you want it- get it! :smile:
  10. I actually like the look of that bag, but I really like the "western appeal" also. However, the bag does look really stiff, uncomfortable to carry?? And I personally hate having a flap across the top that prevents me access to my stuff. If that doesn't bother you then go for it! It's a great lookin' bag!
  11. Ok OK OK...I finally agree. After pondering it all night, It's a definate Nay! And I thought the Kooba Mia was too cowboyish? Eeek. I am in no way no form a cowboy type of girl. Don't even own a pair of boots, don't have any cowboy hats, and only was on a horse once. I'm getting a bad sense of Jessica Simpson wearing this bag while she sashays around Pizza Hut in her sexy Cowboy outfit.
    This is a great way not to buy impulsivley. I can't believe I would feel differently about this bag today. Your Input is a wonderful tempering device. Thanks!
  12. likey...