Another Hypothetical Question.......

  1. Let's say you were offered a bag (not directly from the store). It was beautiful. But it didn't come with any of the sleeper, no box, no lock, no clochette, not even a strap. Say the price reflects this.

    What would you do?
  2. Pass. The cost and time get the order in for replacement strap, lock, and clochette alone would make it less than a deal for me.

    Dustbags and boxes ar not an issue for me....
  3. I don't know that I would buy it. Even if the price reflects this. Missing those things seems to take away from the bag in my opinion.
  4. Depends.

    I kind of like the idea of customizing a bag a little more. Say, a cadena instead of a lock. No clochette necessary, necessarily. And now, if it was a bag or a colour I'd particularly lusted after, I might like the idea of making it personal even more.

    Boxes and dust covers only sweeten the pot, and accessories are only that. You could take the $$ you saved and find something so uniquely you.

    If you want it, don't let the little things dissuade you. You wouldn't toss out a man because he leaves the toilet seat up, would you?

    I mean, you'd want to, might even threaten it, but you wouldn't. :yes: Hehe
  5. No box and no sleeper bag would not bother me too much but no lock, clochette, or strap would make me pass on it.
  6. Pass It Big Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I am not a fan of the clochette and usually don't wear it anyway. I like the unencumbered look! Same with the strap. So, for me, this would be just fine. This really is a matter of personal preference. But wait! Are you talking Bolide or Kelly?
  8. If the bag was in the style, leather and size I've been dying for, then yes. Otherwise, I would pass!
  9. Kelly......exotic........25cm.
  10. Oooooh! Then it really depends on how much less it is! Again, since I am not a clochette/lock kind-of gal, it wouldn't bother me. But, I know that a lot of afficianados love the exotic skin-covered lock that comes with the exotic bag. But, if the condition of the bag is right and the price is right, I totally think it is worth it! Then, if you get bored with it, you would always sell it to me! LOL!!
  11. Won't it be harder to get replacement accessories if it is an exotic?
  12. The question is, would you always look at it and wish you had the clochette or the strap? I don't think I'd plan on being able to find them without spending more than the $ price difference - and that doesn't count your time looking, and the weeks, months or years finding replacements might take. You'd have to love it just as it is.
  13. Honestly, if you ever decide to sell it later on, you would have a hard time selling it (only the bag without any the belongs). Since it is exotics, it is harder to replace the lock and clochette, and who knows how long you have to wait to buy one and for how know what I mean...?

    If you are VERY SURE you are going to keep it for the rest of your life and you don't mind not having those accessories, AND if it is really a good deal, then it's worth of trying. It's just my honest opinion...I would really hate to see you getting it because it seems a good deal now but regret (or lose alot of money if you ever decided to sell it) buying it...Please think it over again, D...
  14. I would say Pass as well..I'm sure ull be able to locate another beauty with all its accessories soon!!

  15. HMMMMM....might this be a gold ostrich Kelly????? muaaaahahahahahahaha!

    I say go for it! You can easily buy a new lock, key or clochette at the store, if you really wanted them! Or you could use a lock and key from one of your other bags. They don't all have to have their own when you have so many of them.

    An ostrich bag is well into the 10,000 range these days, so for $4,999 I think it would be crazy to pass it up. I hope you get it!