Another Hot Tomato!

  1. I got home from errands today to find a white box from Kim of Balenciaga NY. Inside was my new Tomato Step, a gift from my sweet, sweet hubby! :heart::heart:

    It is extremely RED! It goes perfectly with my favorite dress (pictured here) I wear alot of black, gray and black + white so its going to be perfect, esp for date nights. I am loving the Step!! I have the Violet Step as well.

    I'm no good at teasing so here are the pics:

    tomato_step_2.jpg tassel_stud.jpg tomatao_step_frontal.jpg tomato_really_closeup.jpg
  2. I must say that bag is FABULOUS!! :nuts::drool:
  3. tomato is a gorgeous color! Love it. Congrats!
  4. RED HOT BAG!! Im loving red now.. CONGRATS!!
  5. That is a DROP DEAD RED HOT bag!!! The leather is sooooooo smooth. :drool: GORGEOUS & CONGRATS!!!
  6. melovepurse - your Tomato is FANTASTIC!! :tup: I am completely loving that leather, so thick and smooth... It will go so well with your dress.. ahh tomatoey goodness!
  7. Yowza!!! What a fabulous bag!!!!
  8. Very nice! :tup: What a sweet gift! Congrats! :yahoo:
  9. that is gorgeous!!! model it with the dress!!
  10. How did you manage to find such a fine special specimen? :oh:

    Really now, never have I ever seen such a smooth, silky red except for when the RV was out.
  11. Aww thanks everyone! This is my slightly belated Valentine from my husband so its kinda special!

    RERE - I got a tip from amiekbs8 - she had seen this Step at Bal NY and sent me a photo of it. So I knew exactly where to get it! So a huge huge thank you to amiekbs8!!!:smile:
  12. your bag looks so yummy! congrats
  13. Fabulous! I can't stop looking at that picture! The leather looks so buttery and thick and smooth and gorgeous and.... Ok I can go on and on lol!
  14. congrats! tomato is awesome!
  15. looks absolutely yummy! love the color!