Another hot DB pic...

  1. Enjoy! I did. :p

  2. i just joined and ive been browsing, not posting....

    this has forced me to come out of my lurker status and say.....DAYYYUMMMMMMMMMM:nuts::sweatdrop::wtf:


    lol. thanks
  3. He is ok! lol! To me he doest look cute there!
  4. ^^i agree! :yes:
  5. He's still hot even though this particular photo seems a bit out there! Were they going for an animalistic king of the jungle sort of thing?
  6. Normally I love Db, but not in this pic, I hate his hair, his pose and the way it looks like he's wearing VBs underwear. But most of all I hate that he is posting with a tiger skin:confused1: Not cool.
  7. LOL those underwear belong on a Hollywood gigalo.

    Does someone shop at International Male?

  8. He looks wild down below.
  9. Hottt...

    (That picture's taken by David LaChapelle! :nuts: lol I have one of his books)
  10. YUMMMMMMMMMY :drool:
  11. This. Is. Terrifying.
  12. I think he is such a wonderful creation! *licks lips* :p
  13. I'm telling Vlad!!! :lol:
  14. :yes: Yummmmmmmmy!!!!
  15. :drool: lucky POSH!