Another hot bag find...

  1. I'm loving this bag. It is very big and I'm digging the color. What do you think? Should I?

  2. Yup...big thumbs up. I love the chunky braided handles and the hardware on this one...
  3. love the bag, but not fond of the braided handles and contrast stitching though :P
  4. I like those handles, but I do agree about the contrast stitching...
  5. Love the handles too, but the stitching like that is bothering me.
  6. I agree..color is sweet too but the stitching isn't too nice :sad:
  7. ^^ I agree - don't like the stitching
  8. The color is quite unique. I do not care for the stitching though.
  9. i like the color.

    who makes it?
  10. The stitching bothers me too....
  11. I love that bag! I can see why others may not care for the switiching but I actually really like that, I think it really draws attention to the pretty braiding and also because the stitching is really only in the handle...who makes this bag???
  12. Without reading the other posts, I really agree about the contrasting stitching......there is way too much of it. I love the bag, though, but I wish the stitching was much more subtle.
  13. The bag is by Anja Flint.
  14. I can see Marc Jacobs doing something like this.
  15. It's cute. Stitching isn't the greatest but it doesn't really bother me. I'd say get it if it isn't too expensive.