another holy grail...all the way from paris!!

  1. i've been on a quest for an oval for a long, long time...
    i missed out on a few on eBay, and even though i found some in stores here, me being somewhat picky, passed on them...:amuse:
    thanks to a few lovely tPFers and especially hmwe, i found this beauty at bal paris! :yahoo::wlae::nuts:

    it's got gorgeous leather and the color is just fantastic!!
    (the second pic is in natural light)

  2. Oh wow. I have never seen the oval in green. It is absolutely gorgeous.
  3. oooh i love that! lovely colour..congrats! im glad you finally found one you really love!
  4. You don't see those lovely! And worth the wait!! Congrats!!!

    I'd love to work as a Bal "special agent" scouring the world for everyone's holy grail bags, flying to wherever the mission takes me to personally inspect and report back on the bag, and then personally delivering it to the happy owner before flying away on my next Bal mission!!
  5. Gorgeous! Is that emerald? Such a pretty shade of green! Congrats on your HG!
  6. 0o0o0o what a stunner! congrats on the awesome find! :o)
  7. conrats!!! it really is pretty!
  8. Lovely!
  9. it looks gorgeous. congrats!
  10. I got the same bag from Bal Paris in June! We're emerald oval sistahs! ;)
    Congrats, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, I wear mine really often! :tup:
  11. What a gorgeous find!! Absolutely diving leather, enjoy it!
  12. Lovely bag and lovely color! Congrats
  13. GORGEOUS! It's so awesome that you were finally able to find out, the leather looks amazing!
  14. oo:huh:OOoo:huh:OOOhhhh!! can I be ur sidekick?we could be like batman and robin!!On a quest to search for the Holy Bbag of every bbag addicted citizen in world!! :biguns:

    btw, LOVE your oval!!First time I've seen this color!!:flowers:
  15. Congratulations!! I don't know that I've ever seen the oval in that color - Beautiful!!