Another Hollywood Break-Up !

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    According to Us Weekly, Drew Barrymore has called it quits with her rocker boyfriend, Fabrizio Moretti, after 5 years of being together.
    '“Drew said they needed time off,” a source close to the actress tells Us.

    Confirms a Moretti pal, “Fab is now living back in his old apartment.”

    At issue? Clashing personalities.

    “He’s younger, and she’s more worldly,” says a source of Barrymore. “He doesn’t like the Hollywood stuff. He doesn’t get her friends.”'​
    Ironically, just last month, Drew was gushing about Fabrizio in the pages of Harper's Bazaar: "You need to reinvent your relationship if you want to continue being together. Right now I’m in a phase of ‘I’m not even your girlfriend. I’m your best friend who is madly in love with you.’ I’m really interested in watching him right now. The longest I’ve ever been with someone was like two to three years, so I’m in uncharted waters. Right now I’m more into championing him as a human being than gushing love for him."

    Reps for both had no comment.
  2. it's not even summer.... why so many break ups ??? :confused1: :smash:
  3. Well that's said, if it's true of course.
  4. awww... it's sooo sad.
    i love them as a couple :crybaby:
  5. So sad... break ups break my heart!
  6. Its a shame that she can't have a lasting relationship.
  7. Sad, and 5 years is long for anyone much less Hollywood.
  8. ahh thats sad. Her and cameron will have to comfort each other!

    Hope Lucy Lui is doing ok at the moment! hold the page lol :biggrin:
  9. :sad: breaking up sucks!
  10. Aww..I actually liked them together :sad:
  11. Five years is a long time! So sad!!
  12. Yeah ! I really liked them as a couple. :sad:
  13. waahh... i thought they're going to tie the knot soon??
  14. Five years is a long time. Sad to hear. Love Drew!