Another HH Havana Hobo in Plum? Or Keep my Mercer Satchel?

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  1. I already have a Havana in Chocolate and LOVE it! I sent back my Mercer Satchel in Chocolate to get it in Amethyst. Should I stick to that or get a Havana in Plum for the fall since I love the size and shape so much? I had the Mercer Satchel for a minute before I sent it back....can someone detail the features of the
    Satchel for me again? thanks. If someone could take a picture of it packed up...even better!
  2. LOL

    What happened to your "purse ban"? :graucho:

    I personally love the Amethyst! More so than the plum, then again I am attracted to the darker colours. But then again you already have the dark chocolate - which is also a dark fall colour.

    I would suggest to get different style - but that's just me - I know many ladies here have the same bag in different colours.

    I want to get the Havana Hobo in Moss - but I can't seem to find a good representation of the colour because I see different colours all over the place...
  3. Aloha, try to wait for HH's Fall collection. If you can. I just lost out on a cobalt Inka on eBay; I was pretty upset about it but then I realized I DO have enough Inkas to last me until He** freezes over - so I need to be patient and see if HH will come out with the Inka in smoke blue or something. I have the Mercer Triple-Compartment Satchel in poppy, as you know - heck, I don't know about anything anymore. Now I had to have a Anna Corinna Mini Tote in plum. I will be so broke by the time fall gets here...

    Ten, you do know that HH has an excellent return policy - so if you can get the moss on sale and see what it looks like, it would only cost you return postage...

  4. I know - HH has a pretty good return policy - but I am kinda cheap that way - I don't want to pay to see something - not to mention when I ship back from Canada it costs twice as much probably...

    I don't know.. maybe like you said - I should wait for next season!
  5. I have to change the date of my purse ban! It's ridiculous :smile: Indiaink, I really should wait for their fall collection but I have to get something now or dh will pull the plug on me. I decided to go with the Thalia in black. I hope I like it! If not, then I will get the Mercer Satchel as planned.
  6. Tough call, I like both colors and styles (I'm a bit boring and have both a Havana and mercer satchel in black). What would you need to carry in the satchel?
  7. Hi,
    I just answered you in my other post :smile: I need to carry a big wallet, book, diaper stuff, keys, snacks and probably a little jacket. I'm actually getting the Thalia now....I think it's a better layout for me.
  8. I think you might have trouble fitting both a book and a jacket with the other stuff in a Thalia.
  9. Aloha, you are a MOTHER and deserve more than just one - get the darn Mercer satchel - TOO -
  10. are so cute:smile: I do want so much! I'm absoultely crazy over hayden harnett:yes:. What do you think of the Thalia India?
  11. I love the way it looks - but I don't think it would work for me; the drawstring would drive me nuts. But it's probably heaven-in-a-handbag - I have enough trouble staying away from the ones I love to get involved in an affair with the Thalia...
  12. The Thalia kind of reminds me of the Bulga Butterfly which is why I think it may work. On the other hand, I know what you mean about being loyal to what you like. I LOVE my Havana Hobo and wonder if I should just get it in black too. Then I think that I should try something different because I would love to have another style to play with.
  13. Due to Zeitgeist4's beautiful Anna Corinna Mini Tote in plum, I have strayed - I should be getting that today - sometime this weekend I hope to have a few minutes to take photos of my 'collection' - . I also got a Coach Legacy Day Tote in black leather off eBay; I'd had this style before and loved it, don't know WHY I got rid of it, especially since I had my initials engraved on it (by Coach, no less!). So - I've got Hayden-Harnett, Anna Corinna, and my beloved Coach back (not the same one, but you know). The Coach should be waiting for me upon my return home today as well! It'll be like a party at my house this evening!:wlae:
  14. Fun! I love Coach too. I actually just added my old collection of Coach and other bags to my blog. I wish i knew how to get the link and paste it in my sig...I'm going to try and figure it out. India, I'm now looking at the Inka. The measurements say 12 X that pretty accurate? It seems bigger and I want bigger(but not Nico big). Can it hold alot of stuff? A couple pull -ups, big wallet, small jacket, snacks, small cosmetic bag, keys?
  15. Well - I haven't filled mine up - here's two photos, the first one is with the stuff pulled out a bit:

    And this one with the "stuff" put back in:

    It's hard to tell really - but there's a lot more space available...