Another HG off my list!! (see pics)

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  1. hi everyone,

    it's been quite a while already since i posted my purchases...felt like ages ago, LOL!

    well, a lot happened the whole time i wasn't active on tpf actually. my FIL passed away last June and not long after my SIL passed away too due to cancer (may God bless their souls :heart:). and to top it all--i was four months pregnant that time and i wasn't feeling great due to "morning sickness" (more like 24/7 sickness) for me :crybaby: . so ya, the main reason why i had been M.I.A. is because i was having a really difficult time in my first trimester of pregnancy. and my passion for bags, shoes, rtw, etc. was appetite for anything!

    ==> fast forward to present...i gave birth to an adorable son :cloud9: last October 30. so my son is still 13 weeks now.

    amazing how i missed tpf after childbirth LOL!! and now, my passion for bags is back 100% :P!

    now, let's see pics!!


    and for giggles, here's an orange for you gals!! went over to the dark side...mouhahaha...LOL!!

  2. Welcome back F! Let's see this HG!!! :yahoo:
  3. Welcome back fashion gurl. Congratulations on the baby
  4. open open open!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  5. Yay....
  6. :woohoo:
  7. :popcorn:
  8. I made ittttt!!!!!!
  9. Yes finally a fully live reveal for me!
  10. i'm so sorry for everything you went through!

    now let's see some bags!! :popcorn:
  11. presenting, '06 Bleu Fonce Caviar Jumbo!! (i'll take more pictures of Ms. Blue-Grey tomorrow ;))



  12. SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I LOVE this color! It's gorgeous!!! Where did you find her?
  14. Beautiful!! What a way to come back! :hugs: to you for your losses, and the birth of your son :smile:
  15. Congrats on your baby and your blue jumbo- it is stunning! Glad that you are back:flowers: