Another HG is MINE! Please welcome my new...

  1. '05 Turquoise City! I've been searching for SOOOO long! Sorry about the messy apartment...and it is SO hot in here in case anyone is wondering why I'm in short sleeves, we can't use the AC in our condo building from October to April:rolleyes:.
    The pics without flash just do not do it justice. I used to own a Mini-Classique in this colour but you need a bigger bag to truly appreciate the tones. The last two pics are with my blue Twilly tied on.


  2. Congratulations! It's as beautiful as you!
  3. Oh my, we sure are seeing a lot of these beauties lately huh?!

  4. congrats stylefly! it's beautiful! wow!'s warm in Canada right now? i just saw the weather forecast in CA next week and it's suppose to be in the 70s. crazy weather! LOVE the new bag btw! congrats on the HG! :drool::heart:
  5. Wow!! Congrats on that gorgeous find!!! Looks absolutely fabulous on you!!!!
  6. GORGEOUS!!!! It looks brand new! Congratulations on a great find!!!:yahoo:
  7. Congratulations! It's beautiful!! I'm in NJ and we're actually having indian summer here in the middle of October. It's supposed to be in the 70's today and almost 80 on Monday. How bizzare!
  8. Love it stylefly-you look HOTTTT

  9. Woo:huh:OWOOO !!
    Congrats Stylefly !!! This Turqu is TDF !!! And looks really great on you !!!
  10. wow ... very nice, congrats!
  11. :nuts: Beautiful....LOVE the way it slouches! :yes:
  12. Congrats on finding one of your HGs!! I love this color. I wore my Turquoise First to a party two weeks ago and got more compliments on that bag than I have on all of my other Bbags combined. The City looks awesome on you. :tup:
  13. That's gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. Beautiful!!!!

  15. WOW 'P' stylefly :nuts: you look so HOT :drool:and the '05 turquoise City fits just PERFECT on you :tup::yahoo:! I'm so happy for you, you can't imagine how much :yes:! CONGRATS sweety to this smpooshy GORGEOUS HG :flowers: so glad you've found it :love: