Another Hermes Dream

  1. Maybe you guys can figure this out for me. I dreamed that I was at an office that I've never been to. The office was really nice, super high ceiling and lots of open space. In fact, it looked like a warehouse size office except it had beige carpeting, painted walls and nice ceilings. I dreamed that I was studying for a TEST! What's the subject? HERMES!!!:nuts:

    I think I was trying to memorize how many thread counts is in a Pocket Square. I also had a tri-color Plume 28 with me. The outside is Thalassa Blue and the inside is Vert Anis. There was an inner pocket (?) which was in yellow:wtf: . I know I didn't like the Plume in my dream very much, but I figure since I somehow have the Plume, I'm just going to use it to death.

    I don't know how to make heads or tails to this dream. i know I still want them fuchsia ostrich kebirjpg but this dream had no reference to those. And pocket squares? That was odd ...
  2. Kou? Really....we NEED to find you something in Fuschia ostrich!!!! And SOON!
  3. So how many thread counts ARE there in a Pochette?????
  4. I don't remember much of the stats from the dream. Everything made sense at the time ... Maybe I should try to hunt down that tri-color Plume:lol:
  5. omg Kou...if you find it you deserve a medal! OR something in Fuschia Ostrich!!!!!!
  6. It seems to say you're not going to be happy with any other bag other than your ostrich fuschia. If you make do with any other bags (which could be why it's multi-color in your dream), it just won't be the same for you...

    You feel right now that possibly your patience is being "tested" by your dealings with SAs/vendors and wonder whether you will pass their requirements (guessing thread count) towards getting your ostrich fuschia?

    I'm keen on dream analysis!
  7. That sounds about right ... I do feel that my patience are being tested and I think I was afraid of not passing their requirements ... to top this off, I had a THIRD Hermes dream last night *falls over* I'll post it after this one.
  8. I find dreams fascinating, kou... I dreamt last nite I had a black 30cm birkin with gold hardware (maybe I was subconsciously borrowing LaVan's? :nuts: ). What was weird was that I was washing my hands and almost got soap on the beautiful birkin, which was sitting on the floor.... ???? :wtf:

    Maybe if I "cleanse" my life (declutter), I will feel I have a fresh start with a birkin? I certainly felt contented in the dream, except when I almost got soap on the birkin!
  9. lol, thank goodness for dreams, right?! ;)
  10. ok - this is dream #2 or #4? i've lost count.. and you're having them consistently every night for the past couple of nights?! wow...
  11. I wish I was in your boat.
  12. It's either 3, 4, or 5 or more. I know I've had a lot of Hermes dreams, but it's only recently that I started having them consecutively.
  13. Haha, no you don't. It's a gift and a curse. I'm telling you, dreaming about bags and then waking up and finding that you don't have them really suck.:crybaby:
  14. You can virtually borrow mine anytime! :yes:
  15. Kou - I agree with rainwoman that you won't be happy with any other bag except the fuchsia ostrich!!! You'll find one soon!

    It's a pity the Paris office doesn't ship when I told you they had the PB PM in fuchsia ostrich last month.