another help needed!!! Expandable flap or Cloudy Bundle???

  1. I am now in another dilemma in choosing either Expandable flap or Cloudy Bundle. It seesm to be that both of them are roomy enough for my daily use. But I cannot afford having both. So, please vote... for me!!!

  2. I like the expandable flap. It reminds me of a classic flap with a modern twist.
  3. I say the expandable flap too!
  4. Expandable..I freakin LIVE in mine!LOL! Its a fab bag!
  5. expandable flap... i'm waiting to get paid so that i can get one! (:
  6. I am going with the Cloudy Bundle. I just received mine last week, and the leather is so soft and amazing. I have the N/S tote so it holds quite a bit. Also, the N/S version are very hard to find, so if you can get your hands on one, I would go for it.
  7. Agree with Michele - we have the same bag! I balked at the Cloudy Bundle from photos only for a long time - thought it looked tacky with the drawstring closure. Despite that I was still very curious about seeing one for myself. So when Nordstrom was able to price match a sale for me, I took the plunge and had it sent. So glad I did!!

    I love it! The leather is so soft yet not fragile, and the quilting is classic Chanel. It holds a ton too.

    The flap is an extra step to get in and out of. If you don't mind it then the Expandable is a great choice as well. Depends on your lifestyle and taste.
  8. I love the look of the expandable.
  9. I prefer Cloudy Bundle.. the leather is luxurious and I love the rose gold hardware :love:
  10. expandable :yes:
  11. hmmm, I have both and they are two totally different bags. They both will hold a ton of stuff, but I can't bear to stuff my cloudy tote b/c it drags down the bottom (plus I have a OCD about babying my bags). You really can't go wrong with either bag--but if you must decide, just see which looks better on you and consider which one you would actually wear more. Hope that helps & let us know what you decide ;)
  12. I'd say expandable.
  13. expandable gets my vote.
  14. I'm not a fan of either but the cloudy bundle is a lot cuter!
  15. Thanks for your comment! But I am now even more indecisive, cerf tote sounds good too. What do you think gals? please help and vote for me.