Another help me decide ....

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  1. I have sold two bags, my neverfull GM, I have found this bag too big and am now carrying a lot less then 12 months ago and I don't like the look of it with not much in it. I think it looks awkward and cumbersome. I also sold my Palermo PM, it is now too small and has sat in my cupboard a few years.

    So now I have left my speedy b 35 which is my everyday bag and my Eva Azur clutch.

    These are the bags on my radar. Neverfull MM in Azur with a cles or mini pochette, Totally MM Azur, delightful mm, Avalon MM in blanc ? (As a special bag). My life style is pretty casual so a special bat wouldn't get used a lot, but would be nice!


  2. I have the Delightful MM and love this bag. Super comfy on the shoulder, very lightweight (even with me carrying A LOT), and very roomy.
    The Totally MM in azur will be my next purchase for spring/summer.
    Both are great bags! Sorry I am not much help but good luck deciding. :smile:
  3. I really like the Totally as a practical everyday bag. I like how it is comfortable to wear and goes well with a variety of outfits. I also like the Delightful MM, but I don't think it is quite as versatile.
  4. I'm also a fan of the Totally MM...a very versatile bag. Happy deciding!
  5. Get the azur totally. I don't think it looks like a diaper bag at all, like many people say.
  6. Of your choices, I have Delightful PM. Even though the shoulder strap is soft and flat, I get tired when carrying it around. I'm a small frame lady and it's a struggle to keep it on my shoulder. I prefer Thames! i realize it's not your choice, but it's great or running around town.
  7. I'm wondering it the Totally stays on a small frame woman's shoulder better than the Delightful?
  8. I prefer the look of the Totally - and the fact it has a zippered close.

    I found the delightful base was too wide on me when I tried it in store. I recommend you try out both and see which suits you...
  9. Get the Azur Totally :smile:
  10. Thanks everyone, it helps having opinions! Even though no one suggested it I'm going for the Azur neverfull MM. There is something about the totally I'm unsure about as I've decided against it twice (now 3 times). I really want Azur which rules out delightful and I love the casual chic of the neverfull, we are coming into summer here so it will be fantastic! It helps to have opinions as when no one said neverfull , my heart sank a bit which tells me that's what I want deep down :smile:
  11. How about the azur NF? I have one and I love it ;)