Another "help me choose" thread!


Which would you choose??

  1. Violet City with SGH

  2. Violet Day with SGH

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  1. Hey guys!!
    I have a chance to get either a violet city in SGH or a violet day in SGH .. I already have a RV city and a bordeax day .. but I WANT A VIOLET in my life!!!!!!!! .. and I love the SGH on the violet!! I just cant make up my mind what style to choose!!! what would you get???
  2. this is a tough one...Have you seen them IRL? Both styles are awesome, maybe choose based on the leathers?
  3. :heart: Violet city
  4. Totally depends on the leather--- but both have features that are enticing!!
  5. I would go for Violet City since it is my most favorite style.
  6. Since you have both you know the pros and cons of each style. I personally would pick the city because it's so much easier to find my stuff inside.

    You're a lucky girl--enjoy whichever you get!
  7. The leather should be the deciding factor, but if I have to pick blindly, I'd pick the day. I love the day style, and it looks so wonderful with GH, it never looks cluttered which I tend to see happen with the GH city
  8. looks like the city is winning ... I like both leathers on both bags!! agh so tough to decide!! I love the ease of teh day bag (shoulder) but I love how flashy the city is!!
  9. usually i'd say city, but because its with giant, i say the day... the giant on the city is too busy IMHO... whereas the giant ont the day is more balanced... good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.