Another help me choose question...

  1. I need your help choosing a speedy for me..
    Which would one you choose between these :
    - Azur Speedy 30
    - Mini Lin Ebony Speedy
    - Mini Lin Dune Speedy

    please please help me.. :rolleyes:
  2. i'd go for the Mini Lin Ebene Speedy. it won't get dirty so easily
  3. id go for the azur =) but i will also keep in mind the materials/colors of LVs that i already have, and buy something different, something i dont have yet =)
  4. What are your needs? Worry free....go for ebene Azur...then miniLin in dune (it's very classy though).
  5. Azur!
  6. Mini Lin Dune Speedy

    So pretty!!!!!!!!!
  7. If you're thinking for something more year round, I'd get the Mini Lin in Ebony. My next pick would be the Azur, then the Mini Lin in Dune (so pretty but looks like it will be hard to keep clean).
  8. Azur!!
  9. I say Azur cuz it'll be great for Summer!
  10. Mini Lin Ebony Speedy
  11. I say Azur because it is spring and is a great springtime bag! Save the Mini Lin for fall!
  12. Azur... I don't like Mini Lin...
  13. I would get the Mini Lin Ebene Speedy. :yes:
  14. Azur :love: I just adore it.
  15. I like the Mini Lin Ebene Speedy more.