Another Hayden harnett Purchase

  1. I went ahead and took the plunge. The Indigo Mercer Satchel with Croc details says it's a Ltd Edition so I don't know exactly what that means except when it's gone it's gone so I hurried up and ordered it. I have the matching Wallet and love it.
    Anyone with a Metallic Mercer? Does the Metallic hold up well???


  2. I have a couple of Mercer satchels and have found them to be well made. I love the design of this bag; it's very functional and attractive. I dragged my Chalk satchel around all summer, and it still looked like new.
  3. Lexie,
    Love your new bag and wallet. I too have the mercer and LOVE that bag. I used it so much this summer. Can't wait to use it again, when the season changes.
  4. Congratulations Lexie! HH Mercer satchels are very functional bags. They do not look big, but hold a lot - the triple compartments really give the bag great scalability. And, they look better on person.

    As for the metallic leather, I have a Havana in pyrite. It is very durable. So far I'm never concerned of HH's leather durability - no problem at all. :smile:
  5. Congrats on the new HH! I have the mercer in chocolate, and I love it! You can fit so much in, and it still doesn't look too big when you wear it. I think you'll love it!
  6. That is really a pretty bag, congrats! I really like Hayden and Harnett, they are well made wonderful bags.
  7. Great color!
  8. Beautiful bag! I love the colour. It's so unique.:smile:
  9. I'm so glad to hear this. I was worried the metallic might wear off. This bag if off the beaten path for me. It will stand out in my sea of brown and black bags. The closest thing I have to high color is a Blue Balenciaga Twiggy. But my wallet is gorgeous. Even my husband likes it (thinks it's cool...LOL).
    Thanks everyone.