Another Hayden Harnett dilemma! To keep or not to keep?


Hayden Harnett Hudson

  1. I love this bag!

  2. I hate this bag!

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  1. Cant make up my mind about this bag! I own it, love it but have not used it. I listed it on eBay and now it has a decent offer, and now Im having second thoughts, how warped is that!?

    Do you like this bag in this specific color?

    Or do you really not like this bag in this specific color?

    Also, are two pics of the other colors I would consider if I did not keep the Smoke Blue. One is Mockinglees Cocoa Hudson and the other is a black Hudson on eBay


    f659_1.JPG f66e_1.JPG f681_1.JPG DSC01875.jpg m109858848.jpg
  2. I really really like this bag. It's fabulous and totally not like any other hobo that I've seen. The clincher for me, is that it's an unusual bag in an unsual color. Black is cool but black bags are in abundance. I wish I had one.
  3. Hi!

    I don't particularly care for this bag. I think you should sell it and get something else. For some reason that purse looks like an alien octopus to me in some weird way.

    What other purses were you considering besides HH?
  4. Tonij

    ^Cool! So you like the color too?

    What could you see yourself wearing with it?
  5. LMFAO! I thought so too at first but it really grew on me!
  6. Do those little straps get caught on things?

    I like it but I'm not 100% in love with it. It's kinda hippie-looking, which isn't really me. It's not you, Hudson, it's me.
  7. I'm with balihai on this one. It's not that I hate it, I'm just not really feeling it. And I'm not a huge fan of the colour, either. But that's just me.
  8. I own this bag in black and have carried it once or twice. I had it in cocoa and ended up selling it on eBay. I always think I'm going to like it but hardly ever carry it. It is pretty light weight though.
  9. I'm with Toni on this one. I'd say keep it, at least for a while longer. This is the bag that first turned me on to Hayden-Harnett, only in vachetta. Gung, you know, I stalked the Internet for days until I found it - I had no idea what the brand was, but the minute I saw the bag (I think it was on eBay) I KNEW that was it. I sincerely believe that this bag and a couple of others will be the flagship HH designs. Stick it in the back of your closet and forget about it for a while. The smoke blue color is totally unique.

    Trust me.
  10. I have it in smoke blue and where it with jeans. I gets softer over time and is very light. I love it.
  11. Oooo.. ANOTHER great HH hobo! I just got a HH Gaza hobo in taupe - love love love LOVE IT! I realize I'm either a handbag girl or a hobo girl - no totes, no satchels that go over the shoulder, etc. HANDBAG or HOBO for me - and this is a hobo. I like the look but I probably couldn't pull off the color.
  12. ^Im come only handbag or hobo? Im not saying its a bad thing, im just wondering??
  13. I love my cocoa Hudson, but the smoke blue color is sooooooo cool and different. If you don't need a brown bag, stick with the blue. Either way, it's just such a wearable bag...holds a decent amount, super lightweight, and unique in style. I'm usually a satchel girl, but this is a perfect hobo.
  14. It's just my personal preference which I think has to do with what I perceive to work with my body type. I used to like the long (e/w) satchel types and wear them on my shoulder... but I'm not so tall and not so skinny, and I realized that the shape just doesn't work that well for me (not to mention I used to hit things when turning). Example: HH Ibiza convertible tote, when folded in half.

    I also feel that bags w/ 2 straps just don't stay on my shoulders very well. I also think framed bags don't work well w/ my body type. Example: HH Suki ladybag.

    I've learned that I MUST have a zipper closure in order to feel secure (Example: bye bye, HH Mercer clutch).

    I like the ladylike look of hand carried bags (love my new epi speedy) but I know now it must be light, otherwise I may get arm/shoulder/back pain. Example: LV Deauville (but it's my first and beloved LV so it's a keeper!). I know most hand carried bags have two straps, but that's fine since I won't wear them on my shoulder.

    Plus, I like the simplicity of one-strapped, zipped hobos. I also like thinking that I know myself pretty well! :yes:

    These preferences are the result of trying and testing out many, many bags! HTH!

    GUNG - What kind of bags do you like - I see you post mainly about (delicious) HH and RM!
  15. I love the color, but couldn't get myself to fall in love with the hobo. If you're not 100%, I say get rid of it. HH is due for a huge sale, if you regret it, you can always get another.