Another Hardware Question...and...One, Two, or More H Items at One Time...

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  1. Inspired by Jag's hardware thread...

    My new black Birkin has gold jewelry is platinum and white Cartier tank watch is steel with yellow gold between the links...

    Would you wear a belt with silver-toned hardware to compliment the jewelry? I think a belt with gold hardware would feel too "bag matchy" for me given my jewelry staples... many H items is too many? To wear at one time, that is...
    Do you wear an H belt with an H bag? Are two H items worn together the limit...three? Not counting RTW...I am thinking accessories here (bag, belt, scarf, jewelry, etc.).
  2. There are days I'll where my Gold Constance belt, a scarf and a handbag. Days where it's just the bag. I also never really mind wearing gold and silver together....I wear my tri-gold Trinity bangle every day along with my gold wedding band, my Mothers diamond wedding band and my Grandmothers platinum wedding set all together so it all seems to "go" no matter what I wear. It just seems to work, you know? My bags also all have different hardware but I'll match the bag color/style to what I'm wearing instead of the the hardware.....HTH!
  3. i'll answer the accessories question by posting this pic that has always inspired me.. with a look like that i think the bag and belt r enough Hermes in one outfit.. striking but elegant :smile:
  4. Because your watch is silver and gold, I think you could wear either as h/w on your belt. What a nice dilemma to have! :smile: As for accessories, I always wonder the same thing. My standard outfit is a crisp white T shirt, linen blazer, capris (or, in winter, turtleneck, cashmere blazer, jeans) always accessorized with a pochette scarf around my neck, Hermes watch and enamel or leather bracelet and H bag. Too much? I hope not or I will have to rethink my standard outfit!
  5. very cool!;)
  6. I've worn bag, scarf (in my hair), bracelet and earrings before together. :flowers:
  7. I don't mind mixing and matching, besides who's really looking at the hardware when they are busy looking at the bag!
  8. I tend to have my cape cod watch, bag and a scarf on at one time. I'll mix my metals if need be, but most of my H items are in palladium. HTH....
  9. Thanks all! Thinking...the moral of thread seems to be "whatever you are comfortable with"... I like that!
  10. Absolutely!
  11. My wedding jewellery (wedding band, engagement ring & eternity ring) are all yellow & white gold (YES - yellow gold was in when I got married.....) but I have palladium an my Kelly, and intend to stick to pall hardware for future bags, depending on colour. I don't believe in all this matching jewellery to handbag hardware, but that's just me!

    The most I have worn together is a bag, scarf and bracelet....I must admit, too much Hermes all on one body was a concern for me, too.....I reckon three items, but again, that's just me!
  12. ^ Yes, I was thinking about to wear what you love in a way that does not become "billboard"...

    I went outside the H world today for a Birkin compliment...was looking for a new pair of shoes...purchased black croc Manolo d'orsay peep toes pumps...yum!
  13. ohhh...yum is right!!!!