Another happy pf`er with a violet gsh workbag and my 500th post celebration

  1. :yahoo:OMG, just received my violet giant silver workbag and
    I can now relate to all you who own this fantastic new
    purple Bbag.
    BalNY has had extra deliveries on those bags, I thought
    I was waaay down on the list, but I get this call yesterday
    and I run to grab my ccard.
    Lucky me, it is my debitcard and I have fully paid for this
    Yes this new color is better than eggplant, because I find
    it more lighter and the leather is tdf.
    The silver makes this bag look so cool and still is a very
    stunning and goes with jeans or a nice outfit.
    It is so big, I could take it to work, but I think the price
    you pay for something like this, I want to keep it nice
    and clean, so only for special occasions.
    First thought I wanted a daybag, since I can take that to
    work, but I got greedy this time, I wanted the bag to
    be large and stunning, which it really delivers.
    Hope y`all decide on this color, jaune is also very nice,
    got a daybag and I love it.
    Even it seems more orangy, it is tangy and kind of
    unusual in color, a collectors piece, especially
    with silver on it.
    A very happy balperson:rolleyes:my post count to 500....
    must do it tonite....:supacool:
  2. Oh, I forgot, my camera is with my hubby who is already
    on vacation in Switzerland, sorry can`t take pics.
    But there are plenty f examples out there and all those
    bags seem to have the best tdf leather.....really
    thick, I want to make a pillow out of it.
  3. lol i love your cute story but i am dying to see your pictures. congrats on your new bags! i am really loving the violet work with the silver HW. i keep seeing these babies being posted for the last couple days and it is makes me want one. but i must hold out for the city in regular HW.

    make sure to post pictures when you get the chance!
  4. :heart:
    Congratulations SF on your new bag! Thank you so much for adding your thoughts on the color and leather compared to Eggplant! I am getting more and more excited about my Grape bags to come, after every new post comes up about them! Make sure to share photos when your hubby gets home! Congrats again!
  5. Congrats on your 500th post and of course, no better way to celebrate than with a new Bbag! Your new bags sound gorgeous, can't wait to see your pics!
  6. Congrats, you luck girl! I didn't think I was going to be interested in this color until I saw Fayden's Violet SGH Work. Now I want one myself :rolleyes:. Anyway, I put my name on the wait list at BalNY, but I think I'm too late! Enjoy your new Bbag and please post pics!
  7. Everyone is making me want
  8. you must post pics! congrats!!! i'm happy that you love the bag and that it wasn't a disappointment.
  9. YEA!! l Swissflower.. I'm SOOO happy you finally decided and got her!! and that it was "love at first sight!" :yahoo:
    Can't wait to see the pics!

    Congrats on 500 posts and an AWESOME BAG!!:tup: What way to celebrate!
  10. congrats on the 500 posts:yahoo:!! i'm glad you love the sgh violet work!! you must post pics when you come back on your trip!! can't wait to see them!!
  11. Wow, congrats!! Glad you have your violet GSH work. Can't wait to see more photos of this beauty!
  12. congrats!!! can't wait to see pics! all the violets so far have been beautiful! :heart:
  13. Congrats Swissflower on a fantastic bag, I wish they'd get one already at my local boutique!! Have a safe trip to Switzerland!
  14. :yahoo:Congratulations on your Violet GSH Work and enjoy your trip:smile:
  15. Congrats, cant wait to see pics!