Another happy Ink City buyer!!

  1. I thought I maybe overpaid for my new Ink City but anyone just notice on ebay someone purchased and won the bid at 1465.00!! I paid 1350.00 and thought maybe I was crazy, now maybe not!! Anyway real happy for who ever it was that won, maybe she was a pfer also!:yahoo: :yes: :P
  2. ooooooh, she looks LOVELY. welcome to the club!
  3. Congratulations and welcome to the ink club! Ink is so worth it!! The color is out of this world and defies description. I'm glad you got it. I paid $100 over retail for my Ink first and could not be happier. POST BIG YUMMY PICS!
  4. For a bag you really, really want it doesnt matter what you paid for it as long as the end result is that you are absolutely in love with your bag. I have bought bags before that I paid way over retail, its what I wanted so I knew what I wanted to spend. The price of Ink Citys will only go up now, so you got a great bag for a steal to me!
  5. Beautiful!! :drool: I've had my eyes on Ink for awhile won't be long before I take the plunge!! :lol:
  6. veery beautiful ..congrats ... im joining sooon *Hopefully* ;)
  7. Congratulations! I am a big fan of the color ink!
  8. congrats on scoring an INK - i just love this colour!
  9. i think ink is one of the best and most popular colors of 2006!