Another handbag organizer

  1. Ahh, I like how the top cinches! I wonder if it is structured enough to stand up inside, or if it would need some reinforcement. ?
  2. I don't know. I know Kathy at offers a sturdy organizer. I believe that one stands up on its own.
  3. I have to agree. I am a big Chameleon fan.
  4. Not so keen on that one looks more just like a make up bag to me. I don't use an organiser but bought a Purseket for my beach bag! I love it no more bottles of lotion rolling around LOL
  5. My heart belongs to chameleoninserts. I purchased a purseket but I will never use it. Anyone want it? I just don't like it. I love my chamelon inserts.

    I wanted to post this one for all the UK gals!
  6. I once had a purseket (or something identical to it) and I threw it away...
  7. They're cute!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing...I had a purseket and it recently cracked in half! I am so disappointed...