Another haircut.....

  1. I am trying desperately to let my hair grow out to a blunt cut from a short pixie cut. My hairdresser knows this. I go to get my hair cut and highlighted and say I am trying to grow it out and it just needs to be shaped around the ears and in back. I want the bangs to grow really long. They were in my eyes but I was looking forward for them to be down to my ears..... He highlights my hair (it is too blond)I now need lowlights. The color is way tooooooo blond and I am not happy. I need to buy a toner tomorrow.
    So he is doing my hair and says it would look better with a few layers in it to shape it, I though OK..... I figured the layers are on the bottom where the hair should be cut shorter so the top layers can grow out. WRONG--now my hair has shorter layers on top.
    The bangs are cut,angled, thinned???? So much for my try to get one length bangs.....Now to me this is a completely different look from what I was going for. Instead of a one length look now it is short. He is very talented and it does look nice but it is so off what I wanted... It does look nice and I have compliments on it but it took so long to try to let the bangs grow and now they are thinned and not like I wanted them and the bangs were a important part in the cut I wanted.
    SO I am at loss at what to do. Do I go back to a shorter cut? Do I try to start over and let it grow out???? I just need to vent.
  2. I definately feel your pain. I've gone thru this as well except with the color only. Color is definately easier to fix then the cut. It sounds like it is very cute, especially if people are complimenting you. If the plan was to let it grow out, I would just leave it. Can you post pics?
  3. I've had this happen with bangs and shorter layers- when hair is that short, it can be really hard for it to grow out to a longer length. I've actually gone without trims/updates and then returned to the same stylist for a haircut with strict instructions.

    It doesn't sound like this person is listening to you, though. He may be doing a good job but what's the point if you tell him your view and he goes ahead with what he wants?

    Can you cheat on your stylist with someone new until your hair is where you want it again?
  4. What upsets me is that the front bang and side of my hair was finally looking good. I was very happy with the look and now it is totally different. I think I may just sit it out for a few months and do my own color. I am so sick of having my view misunderstood. I feel like my hair looks like some ho did a do it yourself blond dye job. I almost feel like I should just go back to a short pixie cut to get this horrible blond bleach color off. I mean if I start to dye over it, the color won't be what I want. If I have it short I can go back to a cap frosting which will give me the dark and blond color.
  5. I'm in the same boat, but I'm starting to like my new cut. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. Post some pics! :flowers:
  6. Oh so many hairdressers don't listen they are just scissor happy. Persevere if you want to grow your hair, I found a great hairdresser that listened & now it is longer than ever! Go back get them to tone the colour down then you won't have to chop it off!
  7. I swore by a lady that charged me way too much and pulled my hair with her gloves every time she colored it- and the first time I was unhappy with my bangs and she told me it was fine- I went to a different stylist. I ended up finding the sweetest little Asian lady who charges 14 bucks a cut, is super gentle and friendly, and LISTENS to what I want, even if it's not her personal preference. (She suggested a brown-red, I stuck with my blonde-red vision, and ended up with a gorgeous strawberry blonde.)

    I say, shop around for a stylist. Ask people who have cute cuts who they go to, and have them go with you when you do get a cut. It makes a huge difference. I know right now you're kind of stuck with what you have, but give it a little bit. Hair changes pretty quickly.
  8. I agree with some of the others - I think that while it matters that you have a good hairdresser it's more important to get a good hairdresser who actually listens. Given that you'd told your hairdresser what you'd wanted I'd say that he was disrespecting you. A woman's hair is her crowning glory. He of all people should know, and respect, that!

    But given your hair's already cut why don't you wait for 2 weeks? It's norm for a haircut to look its best @ 2 weeks & since you can't do anything about the cut you might as well keep your chin up & rock the look! Wear the hair, don't let it wear you!
  9. I had a hairdresser make me cry once. I think that says it all.

    Find a new one!
  10. I just had this happen 2 months ago, I was growing my hair for a specific cut and my hairdresser knew it. I had the pictures of the cut and said ok, it's time for the cut and she was so excited!! Well talking and talking and then looked in the mirror and I had lost 4 inches of hair and it was NOTHING like the pictures. I was so mad, I almost cried. I am back to letting it grow back out, those freakin short layers are so hard to grow back and actually have your hair look good while you are trying is nearly impossible without going nutz. My wise little old lady neighbor told me to not let her talk next time and if she actually concentrates on what she is doing she won't mess up so bad.
  11. gillianna - sorry to hear about your hair woes... unfortunately it seems we have all encountered stylists who do not listen (ESPECIALLY MEN - :ninja: in my opinion! although I now go to a guy, but I MAKE him listen and REPEAT what I had just said to him... yes, he does think I'm neurotic, but I don't care b/c one, I'm the one paying... and two, I'm not leaving in tears!)... fortunately, your hair will grow... and I'm sure it looks cute :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    At any rate... why are YOU using a toner on your OWN hair? You need to call/return to the salon ASAP and MAKE HIM fix your hair color! You paid him for his services which did NOT meet your expectations! Call the salon and tell them flat out that you NEED to be "fit in immediately b/c Mr.Stylist made my hair too blond and I am VERY unhappy and I need him to fix it and tone it down, thank you." Don't take no for an answer, and do NOT pay him AGAIN for the fix.

    Good luck, dear! :flowers:
  12. I am sorry to hear this, I am sure you would be able to do somehting with your new haircut to make it work!! I cried just like Purly once too, lol. He gave me free highlights because he feel bad that I was crying, heck that was the leats he could do for me, I looked like Merlina Adams!!!!
  13. At this point I am ready to just sit it out for a few months and let it grow.
    I use a loreal toner that goes on for 10 minutes, I have used many times before. One problem is sis and SIL raved how perfect the color was and how beautiful the blond is. I even questioned that I thought I was going to get brown color put in my hair when he was done and he said no.
    Of course last night I see this nice lady at my neighbors who I met New Years Eve, she and her daughter both have that perfect blunt angled hair with slight bangs. I mean the perfect cut where your hair just falls. She just got hers colored darker underneath in brown and the top was different shades of blond. I though, this is what I am trying to grow out and here I am with layers and thinning in my hair. Not happy. I thought give it a chance, play around with the blow dryer and style it.....but NO---it is not what I want. What upsets me he said my hair would be blunt cut in 8 months. Now it is back to letting it grow all over again. My SIL gets me upset because she does not seem to notice the short layers and says my hair was short. I think blunt bangs in your eyes are way different from thinned angled bangs that are shorter on the sides of your head......
    I could cry.