Another Guccissima goodie for me **PIC'S**

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  1. I went to exchange a wallet I purchased a few weeks back for the Guccissima zip around wallet pictured. I ended up leaving with a new pair of shoes too. The pumps were on sale at Sak’s. They seem to run a bit small but they were the last pair, so I snagged them.

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  2. WoW!
  3. lovely! congrats
  4. Congrats, those are HOT!
  5. Great shoes!
  6. wow that's lovely... congrats, the shoes are so pretty... hahah we need a hand to toe modeling pics..
  7. beautiful! i love the heels!
  8. beautiful!
  9. Killer pumps! :tup:
  10. :faint: BEAUTIFUL! Love them.
  11. those shoes are HOT!!!! CONGRATS! i want some Guccissima shoes too...
  12. wowza! those are HOT!!! congrats!
  13. Lovely Pumps and Wallet! congrats!
  14. Thanks everyone!! I can't wait to wear them.
  15. Nice heels!