another gucci purchase on e-bay gone wrong

  1. okay, i'm soooooooooooooooooo mad right now :censor: ...i bought a mini gucci horsebit bag on e-bay from a seller who claimed it was flawless & brand new w/tag...i just got it this morning & it's scratched up & has been totally used...she even put the tag back on herself :sad: ...i just e-mailed her & told her i'm sending it back for a full refund...where do these sellers get off lying to people about what they're selling (?)...unless it's a one-in-a-million piece, i'm done buying bags on e-bay :sad:
  2. aww I am sorry to hear that...Which bag was it?? (I hope its not the one I posted for you)
  3. nope, it was a little green leather gucci horsebit i got on friday :sad:
  4. I've had this happen too. Its so ridiculous! Sorry it had to happen to you though.

    I don't know why people lie about condition, its like do they think we can't see or something? :hrmm:
  5. that's horrible, aaallabama. so sorry you had to experience this! i wish ebay would just throw all of these criminals, fakers, liars and violators in jail so we would never ever have to deal with slime ever again
  6. i know, i e-mailed her about it & she said something like "gee, i really didn't think the bag was used, but send it back anyway" :blink: ...i mean, does she think i was just born yesterday (?)
  7. AAlabama...Did you get the other bag?? Do you want some help hunting down another one of these bags?
  8. yeppers, i got the other little black gucci MissV :smile: arrived today & it's ga-ga gorgeous!!!
  9. OoohHH!! yay Congrats!!
  10. i am PMing you
  11. Aaallabama - that's awful - do they not know who they are messing with?????
  12. i guess not, but they do now, i'm sending it back for a refund :yes:
  13. That's terrible. I sell stuff sometimes on ebay. It's people like that who give everyone on ebay a bad name. Maybe we she start a list of names of pf members who sell on ebay and put their user names. Would that be against the rules if we started a thread like that?
  14. People do that because some people just really don't care and would keep the bag.

    Quick story-a few months ago I purchased a bag from a woman on eBay. She said it was used but in excellent "like new" condition-her words, not mine. I won the auction and excitedly waited for the bag. Well-when it arrived, it was a mess! Obviously very used, pen marks and dirt covered the inside, the leather was worn and there were a ton of pen marks on the outside too. No one in their right mind would consider it excellent, like new. I sent it back and got my money back.

    She immediately put it back up on eBay and changed the wording slightly-I think she took away the "like new"-well, someone bought it from her for more than I paid her and LOVED it! So, some people just have lower standards than others and the eBay sellers who lie like that are hoping to get one of those.

    Sorry to hear this happened to you
  15. not the mini horsebit shoulder bag!! awww...that sucks aaallabama...we'll find you a good one!