another GST color decision..


Which color?

  1. navy with silver h/w

  2. bordeaux with silver h/w

  3. black with silver h/w (I don't like the other colors)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm deciding between bordeaux or navy GST, both with silver hardware. I thought about the black with silver H/W but I have 3 ''black'' Chanels already, so I want something a little different. Thanks!!
  2. I just got the bordeaux today..The color is SOOO PRETTY!..I have WAY too many black bags too..This is the perfect bag!
  3. You can't go wrong either way, but I would say the bordeaux. I think it is a classic color and it is "in" for the fall.
  4. I voted for bordeaux. I like navy too, but I really do think bordeaux goes with more. Plus the navy is too close to black.
  5. I would say the bordeaux
  6. I love my new Bordeaux GST. I thought it was a little wintery looking, but I have been using it off and on for work. I wear jeans on days we don't see patients and dress up a little more for "people" days. I bring a frozen entree for lunch, my two cans of Coke Zero, extra shoes, and other normal handbag stuff. I can get an umbrella in there and also large envelopes and files. I really like it a lot. I was on the fence with the bordeaux and the navy. It's really hard to get a nice navy bag, but I have a nice dressy classic Longchamp and a Stuart Weitzman navy that matches my navy Stuart Weitzman shoes! I wore black dress slacks today with a white sweater with green and blue stripes. The Bordeaux looked great with it. It's a neutral as far as I'm concerned.
  7. the bordeaux would be a really nice addition to your collection of several black bags. i think it's a very chic way to spice up your work wardrobe, too. so my order of preference would be bordeaux, black, then navy.
  8. another vote for the bordeaux, the color is so deep and rich and totally goes with anything...
  9. I would definitely vote for bordeaux - a gorgeous neutral :heart:
  10. The GST navy is VERY dark; I wait-listed for it and my s/a said she had to read the tag to make sure it wasn't black. She said I wouldn't be happy because I already have the black/silver and they would be too similar.
  11. ^ ITA with Roey. I briefly had and returned a medium navy caviar classic flap over a year ago, because the color looked way too similar to black. So IMHO, unless you’re looking for a GST that looks black but actually isn’t (aka the Navy), I’d go for the Bordeaux, which is very pretty! :smile:
  12. Navy w/silver! I have that one and it's gorgeous, you really can't even tell it's navy until you hold it under direct light. Therefore, it goes with a lot more clothing.
  13. I voted navy...I love navy everything though...LOL! :push: ;)
  14. <---------------Bordeaux! Especially if you have a lot of black!
  15. I LOVE the bordeaux! This color sold me on the GST! It is such a rich-looking striking shade.

    -Stephanie (pond23)