Another grooming disaster!

  1. Last Saturday I took Rio to the groomers for a trimming and look how he looks now. When I picked him up I didn't knew if I was going to cry or not. Is completely my fault!! DH said that he's dignity went away with the hair. My only console is that he's hair will grow back!!:crybaby:
    Rio Before.jpg Rio new hairdo.jpg Rio new hairdo2.jpg
  2. I happen to think he looks adorable!! like a little cloud or cotton ball!! and of course a lion... its so cuuuute though!:yes:
  3. ^^Thank you Danica. You are making me feel better!!
  4. He looks quite sleek and sophisticated with his new hair style! But, I totally understand where you are coming from. If I had asked the groomer for a trim, I wouldn't have expected a shave.

    Anyway, he's still lovable and his fur will grow back!
  5. ok, first, it's not your fault -- you weren't holding the clippers! second, men lose their hair so they have this emotional attachment to it -- rio couldn't care less and probably likes how cool he feels. and finally, i think he looks adorable clipped!
  6. I think he looks quite handsome.
  7. I would get my money back. :wtf:
  8. TSK! Nothing could make that cat look bad.
  9. He looks adorable still with his hair cut!! He looks like a little lion, so cute!!!!
  10. HOLY CRAP!

    He certainly doesn't have the facial expression of a happy customer....LOL

    He's cute...anyway:yes:
  11. I think he looks fine.
    When I had my persian cat I used to take him to the groomers 2-3 times a year and this is the cut they would always give him. Not that my cat could tell me, but he always seemed really happy after a groom, like he'd been liberated.
    It grows back extremely quickly and in a few weeks it will not look nearly as severe, I promise!
  12. He looks lovely...clean and cuddly!!! But seriously...some of the groomers are out of control!
  13. Thanks a LOT, ladies!! He's really appreciating the compliments!! ;)
  14. He's just adorable!
    The cut the groomer gave him is actually called a 'lion cut'!
  15. He probably feels liberated from all that fur!

    My poor longhair (I'm pretty sure he's a Turkish Angora) gets so hot during the summer and I keep joking that we should shave him. I'm not sure if he'd think it's a good idea!