Another Grey Purse $799 BIN - HURRY!

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  1. I wonder why the auction states it does not come with a mirror, but the pictures show one?
  2. Becca I was just going to ask the same question.
  3. Maybe... "it got messed up" or something to that effect. :roflmfao:

    Nevermind... Anyway people here have had great experiences with this seller, so why don't you ask the seller about the mirror?
  4. ^I agree with Pewter. Could just be an error. I bought my Olive City from her and couldn't be happier. That looks like a great bag for a great price. She lists great bags at very reasonable prices.
  5. She also mentions that it comes with "detachable shoulder strap" ???
    I thought the purse doesn't come with it?
  6. OMG! :love: I want but I need to save up first :crybaby:
  7. According to AttelierNaff, Purse does not come with a shoulder strap.
  8. damn, took too long to think about this one. now it's gone. tear. oh well saves me money
  9. Was it a PFer?
  10. I think it's fine. She must just not have proof-read her listing or something. She sells a lot of bags. But did a PFer get this beauty?