Another great score at the Towson Nordstrom Rack!!!

  1. Went back down to Towson this morning to pick up the pants that my SA at Nordstroms special ordered for me. Decided since I got such a great deal on my Naomi pumps when I was there a couple weeks ago I should head into the basement to see what was at Nordstrom Rack this trip. The shoes are least in my size. But there was an ENTIRE table full of Coach sunglasses for $50 each.

    I bought two pairs!!!! Waiting for the pics to make their way from my camera phone to my email so I can attach them...since my digital cam is too high resolution and I can never post those pics!
  2. Here they are!
    2_1.jpg 2.jpg
  3. Cute glasses!

    I'm in Maryland too, and I was at the Nordstrom Rack in Gaithersburg and there was also an entire table full of Coach sunglasses! Too bad I wasn't in need of any.
  4. Shellbell, you always find everything in my store. I really need to look in the rack.
  5. I can't believe you HAVENT been!!! :yes:
  6. The problem is I hate the rack. I'm not a rummager. Everytime I go I get closterphobic(sp?) because of the disarray all the bags and clothes are in. I guess I just need to focus. I'm going to go tomorrow and check it out.
  7. Wow that's a DEAL on those sunnies! Congrats shelbell!
  8. I usually don't look at clothes....stick to shoes and accessories..and housewares. I hate rummaging through clothes at places like that...but its worth if for the shoes/accessories!
  9. Great deal and CUTE glasses! :yes:
  10. Holy Cow! You could've gotten 3 Sunglasses for the price of 1. I can't believe the great deal you got...
  11. I second Nordie Rack! I've been to the one near BF and got myself 2 Dior sunnies and a kate spade one. Lots of Coach too and Fendi but haven't found one I really like yet. I'm going tomorrow and may find something I like!
  12. What a great find! I love the second pair!
  13. Thanks! They had that one in a peachy/pinkish color too!
  14. I love the rack...such great deals everytime I go. I've seen a pair of Chanel sunnies for only $50.00 at that time I didn't have the extra money..I missed out. I went back a few weeks later & bought a pair of diors for $50.00. I'm waiting for the season to end & wait until the chanels arrive.
  15. Wow, they get Chanel at the rack?? I didn't know that!