Another GREAT mail day!!! **PICS**

  1. So, today was another day that I :heart: my mailman! :p I received not only my FABULOUS Mizi from Let-Trade, but also the perfo fuschia pochette that I just ordered from LV on Monday!!! :yahoo: I have to say the Mizi is everything I hoped it would be and MORE. My :heart: skipped a beat when I saw it and I couldn't stop smiling! The perfo I wasn't expecting until sometime next week, but the wonderful SA from MO sent it 2 day express when I only paid for ground! I called and told her how sweet that was of her. She couldn't believe that I had taken the time to call and said anytime I need anything to just call her and she'd get it to me fast at regular shipping price! :love:

    Here are the pics of my new LV additions:

  2. Congrats, Michelle! You're so lucky to get a Mizi!:love:
  3. Oh I love the Mizi! I love it love it! I was execting a big delivery too, but my mail man said nothing today, maybe tomoroow! Oh Congrats on your lovely bags!
  4. Very nice.... Congratulations !
  5. LOVE both bags! congrats!
  6. super nice stuff! that mizi is hot!
  7. gorgeous mizi girl!!

    and i love the perfo pochette!!!
  8. MIZI!! :drool: congrats on both!
  9. Thanks!! I think there are 2 more on Let-Trade right now.....hint, hint! :graucho:
  10. GORGEOUS! I want both, LOL tell me when you need a babysitter. :biggrin:
  11. You can never go wrong with the Mizi!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous, congrats!
  13. Beautiful!!! Congrats!!!
  14. congrats!
  15. The Mizi is a beautiful bag, and that pink perfo is gorgeous too!