Another great ebay find!

  1. Boy I am on a roll!!! I have been keeping an eye out for a medium chocolate brown leather Carly; I really dont NEED another bag, so I didnt want to pay retail price, but I know this would make a nice addition to my collection - I dont have a choc brown leather bag. I found one!!! :yahoo: In brand new condition, shipped for $315 from a wonderful ebayer who I have used in the past. I am so excited! Now I definitely need a pink accessory or two for this bag. Here the auction photo. I will post actual photos when it arrives!
    choc carly.jpg
  2. that is a nice bag - can't wait to see modeling pics [ does it have a zipper in the middle or is it open?
  3. congrats! :tup: I had that bag ones, it's really nice!!! :tup:
  4. Yes the Carly's have zippers in the middle. Well the khaki/sig one I have does anyway! I assume they all do.
  5. Thanks fields! I have the medium Carly in khaki/sig, but I really also wanted a leather one this time. Now I think my Carly collection is complete.
  6. Stunning, congrat's.
  7. :biggrin: love it
  8. Donnalynn...Beautiful Carly...I love the carly in brown leather. I think it the brown leather looks fantastic with the brass!!!
  9. YAY! Congrats!
  10. Nice!! I can't wait to see more pics when she arrives.

    Gah, I really want a Carly too and everytime someone posts pics I just want one more, lol.
  11. awesome bag...
  12. Wow, beautiful Carly! I need you to help me buy on eBay - you have better luck than I do! *lol*
  13. Chocolate leather Carly is TDF!!!
  14. I love it!! Congrats