Another great Coach CS story...

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  1. so while I was waiting for the SA to call regarding the floral scarf I want, I was looking at all the new stuff (lots of very nice accessories!) and I noticed that they finally had the silver 1/2" signature C's bangle on display. For some reason my store only ever had the gold, and I ordered it online during the summer. I noticed about 2 weeks ago that the inside of the bangle was kinda flaking off in one spot. I was surprised but just put a coat of clear nail polish over it because I knew I would have to wait for it to be shipped if I returned it. anyway I was just talking to the SA and showed her like "hmm what do you think could have happened?" and she basically took it off my arm and got the ok from her manager to give me a new one! I told her I would bring in my receipt to show that I just bought it over the summer, but they both said not necessary! Granted, I just spent about $900 in there earlier in the week, but I still thought that was very nice of them to do right there and then, no questions asked!:tup:
  2. Very nice!! Too bad my boutique doesn't have those kind of SA's.... After the last few experiences I've had with them when returning items, I've resorted to either buying at Macy's or ordering from JAX directly. It's a real turn off to be treated so poorly when I consider myself a pretty good customer!
  3. Wow that's really nice. Doesn't it make you feel good when they treat you so nice?
  4. It's always so nice to hear about great CS! Sounds like your boutique is staffed by some very fabulous SAs!
  5. How nice to hear a story like this. We always hear stories about the bad cs so a good story like this just balances that.
  6. It's sweet of you to share this 'feel good' story. Nice things happen a lot, but it's always the horror stories that get told.

    Kudos to the SAs out there who know how to give Great Customer Service, we Appreciate it!:tup:
  7. Wow~ What an Awesome SA!! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks for sharing! This is the kind of treatment that really keeps customers coming back! I'm not after the name as much as I'm after the service and the experience! I can buy a cheaper bag anytime if I didn't care about getting great cs and a company that stands behind their product! I'm glad you had such a great SA.