Another GORGEOUS Vernis - this time it's Peppermint

  1. I like it...but I need to save money for Azur...
  2. Love it, but I already have a Peppermint Reade PM. Peppermint is a lovely color!!
  3. I love Peppermint..I have the Bedford and the PTI and Pochette wallets in that color. It's so different!
  4. Love it! The patina on the bottom is looking nice as well :biggrin:
  5. So pretty.
    She always takes such perfect & clear pictures, btw!
  6. Niceeeeee...

    I hope the Vernis line will be more pieces to choose.
  7. I love the Malory Square, but I don't think I would use that color. I wish they made that bag in the new Pomme red, that would be hot!
  8. I love Peppermint, but mostly for accessories, I think.
    It's such a delicious-looking, creamy color. I want to eat it.
  9. peppermint is so lovely!
  10. That is so pretty....I love it.
  11. OMG... now that's a Vernis bag I would carry :love: So pretty, color and bag :girlsigh:
  12. It sure is gorgeous!
  13. Soo pretty. MMMmm, minty. I hope someone here scoops it up.
  14. Oh, it's very lovely:love:.