Another Gorgeous Caroline! Haircalf Ocelot Dowel Satchel

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  1. Just got her today and love it! Style #18601
    Thought I would share with everyone! :smile:

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  2. Wow she's purrrdy!:P Congrats!
  3. A few more photos!
    Last one is with Kristin Cheetah Haircalf Carryall Style #18266

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  4. Amazing! I am a total sucker for anything Ocelot/Leopard print! Your Caroline is so pretty!
  5. Wow it's gorgeous! was wondering when someone would get this one... it's partially visible on picture 1 page 1 of the Fall thread :biggrin:
  6. Beautiful purses - congrats and enjoy!!!!
  7. !!! *gasp*!!

  8. :faint: OMG - that bag is amazing!!!
    The pattern is the absolutely perfect ocelot too.

    Congrats and enjoy!

    Bag cousins, I've got the python Caroline and it's by far my fav bag that I've ever had!
    I'm trying SO hard to be good and stop at just one Caroline but all these reveals are not making it easy, LOL!
  9. What a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  10. Omg amazing!! I love anything much was this beauty???
  11. Oh, what a BEAUTY! Look at that Ocelot print! And I love the deep purple lining. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    Congratulations :smile:
  12. A new one....stunning!
  13. Wow, another great choice! :tup: Congrats!
  14. $1200 with 25% off PCE
  15. I love this one...just completely love it!!!:love: It is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Congratulations! Enjoy!