Another gorgeous bordeaux city! $1100 BIN SP $1000

  1. There have been quite a few bordeaux cities on eBay recently but if anyone is still looking for one this auction ends soon. IMO the SP is quite a good price for this bag. I just bought another beautiful 05 bag from this seller.
  2. Bourdeaux is a beautiful color. I have one (Day) and I love the color so much. I got two compliments on that bag today!!! This city is very nice.
  3. i've got an '05 bordeaux city too & it's one of my favorite bags :tender:...i honestly can't believe this bag hasn't sold yet?!?!
  4. Wow... that bag is gorgeous!!! It's ending real soon .....
  5. i love the colour. have any1 bought fr her before? .. hmm... incl postage to Aus would be around AUD$1500 :crybaby:that's the only thing stopping me..
  6. Yes, I just bought a bag from her.
  7. yippy, the bordeaux's got a bid on it now, i hope it's a PFer!!! :yahoo:
  8. ^^ wooooooooo-whoooooooo congrats Becca-girl!!! :tender::wlae::choochoo:

    p.s. you've been wanting one of these forever!!!
  9. I'm glad a PFer got it!:yes:
  10. Congrats becca :yahoo: you finally got the bordeaux city.:smile:
  11. You will LOVE this color !!! I have a Bordeaux Twiggy :love:
  12. Thank you! This was an impulse buy, but I had to have it. I have been wanting this bag for a long time so I figured I should grab it now. Yea!!
  13. I have an 05 bordeaux city too, and it is definitely one of my top faves! So elegant and it goes with everything!