Another gorgeous Bbag featured at Sartorialist

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  2. [​IMG]
  3. i love the sartorialist. The vert deau twiggy is cute!!
  4. I live on that street! ha, pretty bag, way better than the chihuahua.
  5. love it, love everything about this outfit - the wrap, the shoes, the skinny jeans and the little dog too!
    plus she looks so happy :smile:
  6. Lovely photo! I have the same twiggy! I love it and I always receive compliments when I use it. Love the total look.
  7. That color really pops! So pretty!
  8. Love the bag on her...
  9. i love the sartorialist! fabulous taste, he and the model ;)
  10. I'm thinking that's Turquoise 04, not Vert D'eau. Love it, whatever it is!
  11. I really like her outfit especially her bbag ofcourse, and her doggie
  12. I like the pic...thanks for that!
  13. love the color!