Another Goody Crossed Off My List

  1. Another small thing came in this week! I've been wanting this so badly since I saw people's pics over a month ago!

    I immediately threw it on my mono speedy (which hadn't seen the light of day in about 8 months!) and it hasn't left!

    It is too cute for words :smile: Even my DH liked it (although I failed to mention how much it was LOL)


  2. LOVE it!!!! Now you have to use your speedy! So cute. Congrats.
  3. So cute!! Congrats! It looks awesome on your Speedy!
  4. Cute, I have one and it makes me smile every time I see it and it looks great on all the bags!

  5. It's adorable :love:
  6. Thanks!!!
  7. Oh darn..I've been trying so hard to resist this cutie but every pic i see of it on a tpfer's bag makes me want it MORE & MORE! I LOVE it on your Speedy! Congrats!!! :smile:
  8. Soooo cute! Thought about picking this up on Monday. Congrats!
  9. too cute twiggers!
  10. Love it!!!!
  11. So cute! Congrats!
  12. adorable, mind if I ask how much?
  13. soo cute!! congrats!!
  14. Adorable, love it! It will look great on lots of your bags, such as your Stephen! :graucho:
  15. It's truly adorable, I think with tax it may have cost me around $280.00 or so, I got mine 3 weeks ago ( I think)
    Love it on the Speedy, twiggers! Congrats!