Another good service story! I love Best Buy!

  1. I love Best Buy and their replacement plans. I used to never buy these plans. But when the Ipods first came out, I bought it for my son, thinking 'you know teenagers'...sure enough, he maxed out his replacements with 2 new ipods, with in the 2 year plan! That was the best 29.99 I ever spent! Since then I learned my lesson and always buy the plan now!

    Last week when I went to take pics of my birthday stuff, my camera was on the fritz...I would take pics, but the screen didn't work (you couldn't see what you were taking) and the zoom didn't work....poop...I finally went to Best Buy this morning.

    No reciept, no box...just the camera in hand. The looked up my account and the plan and within 15 minutes I walked out with a new camera. It is a new models newer, since mine wasn't made any more.


    Now I can take pics of my birthday stuff and open all my pressies!
  2. Wooooooooo, that's great!!! :nuts: :biggrin:
  3. Great!!! Congrats on the new camera!
  4. I love Best Buy as well!
  5. yay! as a Best Buy employee, i'm always glad to hear of good experiences that people have with my company! the service plans are often a good idea, but a lot of people just assume that they're all a scam. well, i'm an employee, and i bought one on the ipod touch i got today, my big-screen tv, my laptop, my brother's xbox, and my dad's ipod. my brother has replaced 2 xboxes for free as a result of the $40 service plan! that's $800 he didn't have to spend...
  6. Wow! I'm definitely buying the service plan from now on.
  7. They have two types service and replacement. The service they just fix it, replacement they replace it...I always get the replacement (when available)...then you don't have to wait for the repair!
  8. that's an excellent idea. I don't usually buy the repair/replacement plans, but now I'd consider it...thanks for the tip.
  9. replacement plans are usually on smaller things like mp3 players, small appliances, video game systems, etc. and service plans are on things like computers, tvs, and major appliances. the replacement plans are very similar to an extended return policy - if your product becomes defective within 2 years, we trade it out for a new one, or the most similar one available. the service plans require us to try to fix the product first (since things like appliances often become defective because of a single part that can be easily replaced), but if parts are unavailable or you have it serviced 4 times, the service plan essentially BECOMES a replacement plan and you pick a new one.

    every retailer varies and some aren't nearly as reasonable as we are, so get the details before you buy, but i promise it's not always a scam! i got a new hard drive (and 2 more years of use) out of my old laptop because my mom bought me a service plan, and most employees buy them (if it was a scam, we'd know it).
  10. wow now that's great service!
  11. i purchased a ipod 4-5 months ago and it works fine. when i was paying for it at best buy no one ever offered any plan for me...does anyone know if i can still get it?