Another good reason to get a Papillon 30...

  1. This morning while I was getting ready my SO said to me,
    :idea: you know you can use that bag as backpack as well? and I said WHAT? he insisted and insisted, so I tried.:nuts: he was right, this awesome bag can be used as backpack, so my Soufflots.
    here the
    one of those days when I need hands free and have tired shoulders I will know what to do. :idea: I am heading out, but I had to post the pic to you guys.
  2. i love your damier papillion btw!.. and thats such a creative way to hold it haha! well done!
  3. Chic! Looks like you should be getting on to your Vespa and buzzing along the cobblestone streets of some quaint city. Love your boots, love your the entire outfit!
  4. that is such a good idea! i love your outfit!!!
  5. interesting idea! love your outfit though!
  6. You look great!!
  7. You look FABULOUS btw! Cool idea!
  8. that is so neat! you look very GLAM!!!!
  9. I like that idea very much! I have quite broad shoulders, but will be trying it our anyway!
    I love your shades, by the way!!:P
  10. What a cute way of wearing it! Your DH is so creative! :P
  11. I never thought about doing that! You look sooo cute!
  12. Need those hands free to pick up more bags!!
  13. My SO sometimes surprise me with fashion advices:yes:
  14. Thanks you all and if you own a Papillon hope you guys try this in home.
  15. very nicelove the daimer papillion and wanted one but, folks mentioned the papillion does not keep its shape and things go to one side...what do you think? It looks great on the chanel nice