Another GM For The Cat!

  1. I purchased one of these when they first came out.I used it often but when the patina reached the pretty honey color I passed it off to my
    I decided to start fresh and purchased this new one today :yahoo: .
  2. Congrats! It's really nice!
  3. It's a beauty Cat :love:
  4. Soo pretty!!
  5. Beautiful!
  6. Congrats Cat! It's gorgeous.
  7. Awwww!!! Your step-daughter is quite lucky =)

    I love your NEW GM Cat! LOVE the new vachetta look!
  8. Congrats, great bag!
  9. Congrats.
  10. Congrats its a beauty!:biggrin::yes:
  11. beautiful! i'm thinking of buying a PM myself.
  12. wow! she's beautiful! i totally love the Manhattan GM - its my dream bag! CONGRATS, Cat and thanks so much for sharing!!! i think i might stop working for the rest of the day and just stare at your new bag! its so YUM!
  13. do you think you can take a pic of you and the bag? i would love to see it on another person because i'm still deciding between a GM and a PM. thanks!!
  14. that is one of my dream bags right there, the light patina looks soo nice!
  15. luuuucky