Another GHD thread

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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but with all this talk of the GHD's here I've decided to replace my Chi.

    So, I was looking at GHD's at Sephora and I noticed that there was a "New GHD" and what I'm assuming is the older previous generation. What I couldn't figure out is, what's the difference? If the "new" one really that much better?

    Has anyone tried both? If so, are the results different, is the newer one worth the extra cash? TIA everyone :smile:
  2. i just know the new one has like a detector that can sense your "highlights" and will adjust its temp depending on the hair color (this is what the sephora associate told me) also it turns off after 30 mins of not using it, and it has a more curvier shape to it that you can curl with this flat iron...also it comes with a travel adapter? I dont know something like that lol...but new ones are always better IMO that means newer technology and the latest =)
  3. I ordered the older model. At the older was 195 and the newer 240! So...I believe you can curl with the older model as well.
    I don't think I believe the a hair straightener can tell if my hair is highlighted or not!!LOL! Just my opinion!
  4. i know thats what i thought too when the SA was telling me about it i was like YEAH for 240 it better straighten my hair w/out using my damn hands! hah
  5. The older one will curl too. The newer one's barrels are more rounder so the curl is supposed to be better. Yeah and the new one turns off if left inactive for 30 min.
  6. Look, I never owned a flat iron in my life, and I bought the GHD, (new model) and all the hype is true (and I'm a born skeptic.) I have wavy, frizzy heavily highlighted fine hair, and it swings now. I like the curvy barrel-it gives the ends a little movement. I bought the new model on EBay-$169.99 plus shipping. Awesome.
  7. ^

    oh wow, good deal! I hadn't thought about eBay.
  8. make sure you're careful, they ARE faked sometimes, but there's an article on ebay UK about how to tell.