Another "Genie" question!

  1. I love this guy. Forgive me if I bring him back! :p

    So assume he shows up at your door (like a Hunky Fed Ex man!!) and makes you an offer you can't refuse:

    Your perfect KELLY or your ideal BIRKIN.

    I mean, he's got one in each hand! Which kind of gal are you? And once you chose, what would it look like?

    And yes, he is a strict genie: only one!
  2. Easy for me...... the Kelly!

    Oh, it would be a 28 cm black box sellier with gold h/w.
  3. kelly in black croc with GH! i'm wanting one for the longest time!
  4. Kelly, black box with gold hardware, 28cm sellier. Hey, I wouldn't mind having doubles.
  5. I can't believe I am saying this but...Birkin! I'm still totally digging my little Birkin soooo much! So, hunky Mr. FedEx would bring me a 25cm ebene evergrain Birkin with gold h/w. A perfect everyday bag.
  6. My ideal birkin. Bastard hasn't shown up yet though!
  7. Since I already have a Kellier 28 sellier bb gh, I would take advantage of the genie and point at his other hand which holds a 35 gold togo Birkin gh.
  8. Today...28 cm black swift kelly...PH (I think)...

    Has anyone ever seen a 28 cm black kelly in swift???
  9. Hmmmm which makes me wonder if I'm a Kellygirl if I would feel exactly the same way! :sweatdrop:
  10. hmmmm. this is hard ! I'd prob take a 28 Kelly..sellier I think because i don't have sellier Kelly yet..not sure on the color..maybe Black ? GH ? ....where is this guy :search: ?!!
  11. Hands down - Kelly!

    Right now, it would be Cognac or Marron Fonce Chevre de coromandel souple with PH, retourne. And Potiron interior.
  12. Kelly, for sure.... 32 cm vert anis....
  13. Dear Ms. Angelfish:

    Oh, I like this!!! DEFINITELY a BIRKIN in ANY BRIGHT color, sz 30 or 35, prefer ph over gh.

    Tick tick tick....
  14. Assuming that the Genie lets me keep all my current Hermes bags, then I would ask for blue roi croc 30 Birkin because while I think I like Kellys better, I don't own any Birkins yet :sad: and the Genie might be the only way I can finally get one. I do love this Genie and wish he would come see me SOON!
  15. A 35cm Birkin in Black Matte Croc PHW, dear Genie.