Another gal with a possible Paddy regret...HELP

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  1. Hi everyone - Well, I'm typically a Chanel person, but lately, at 38, I've been having a mid-life crisis and have gone for some "It" bags. :shame: Well I purchased the new spring blue jean color Paddy Satchel and I absolutely LOVE the color, feel and size but I HATE the padlock (weight and size). I am debating returning this (still has tags) but I kinda feel sick about letting it go (because of the beautiful, unique color that fits so well in my wardrobe :love: :love: ,and I'll hate facing my SA :shame: ) BUT I also fell sick about keeping it (so much $$ for a bag that has a few problems). I know that this is the color I want in a Paddy - NO OTHER - but do I want a Paddy :sad: ? It's so beautiful and unique, but so heavy and trendy (and I ain't no Spring chicken). Please be honest - what should I do? Thanks!
  2. I think you need to evaluate how often you are going to use it... yes it fits in well with your clothes but are you going to use it? or pass it up for something more comfortable?? If you are not going to use it often I would say to return it, its far to expensive and pretty to leave sitting on the shelf.
  3. If you hate the weight and size, regardless of how much you like the color, you won't carry the purse--that's my experience. What about seeing if Chloe makes other purses in that color but in a different style.

    My Nordstrom out here (La Jolla) is having a Chloe preview with the rep from 10-2 PST on February 13. If you really want the purse in another style but the same color, you could call them and see if it's something available. And since you'd get to talk to the rep, you'll probably get better info. If you don't like the bag, as long as you have a Nordstrom near you, I think you should do the return. Their number is 858.457.4575.
  4. btw i loooove the frenchie picture... i think they are SO adorable but i just got an english bullie pup *frowns* no frenchie but he is adorable too and very sweet.
  5. It sounds to me like you need to return it; it sounds that you will have more regrets if you wait too long and can't return it.

    There will be lots of fabulous bags coming out, you will probably find one that you like and won't want to return.
  6. I always say if you doubt about it, it's a good sign to return it. Plus weight is very important, you won't enjoy carrying it if it's heavy. My chiro always tell me not to carry so much in my bag so I won't complain so much about the pain in my shoulders.
  7. I agree with the seems that you are having doubts, and you should really return it and use the money towards something that will make more sense for you. Also, you shouldn't feel bad about facing your the end of the day, it's your money, and if you are dissatified, it's your perogative.
  8. If you don't love it, return it. You'll find something else that you absolutely love and can't live without :biggrin:

  9. if there is any doubt at all then take it back. it is alot of $$$$ to just be keeping in the closet. perhaps another style? it's ok to love it because u love it and not because other love it ( makes sense?)
    please do not worry about what your sa will think, at least if you take it back to her, she or he will have the opportunity to sell it to aomeone else sell u something u really will love and use and still make and keep commisision or sales.
  10. i am a frenchie fan too. i have a fawn color one. don't they just have a funniest personalities? my frenchies name is Ramsey. what is urs?
  11. I'm going through the exact samething right now with my balenciagas i love the color but i don't really love the style. I usualy get butterflies in my belly when i think about the purchase and everytime i look at my bags but my 2 balenciagas just don't do it for me so i'm returning it today. You should return your paddington too, for a bag that price you have to have an orgasm each time you use it. lol
    p.s the color is beautiful but i think it'll look dated.
  12. If the lock is the big problem, use it without it. If you love the color and have no money problems with owning it, just ditch the lock.
  13. My exact same thougts. If I was thinking exactly the same thing as frenchie, I'd return it.
  14. I agree return it and don't look back.
  15. moe...i went through same thing with my b-bag. so i took it back.i hope i won't regret it later. but i thought if i was having so much second thoughts then...why keep it. got my first love instead, black spy bag.